This Saturday, the 20th of July, join Plastic Free Seas Worldwide for a walk on the beach. While encountering various environments including stunning water coves, boardwalk jetties, sandy beaches, and crystal clear lagoons, we will fulfil our mission to clear these areas of harmful plastics and waste. 


PFSW (Plastic Free Seas Worldwide) will start our ‘Plastic Hunt’ on Bombo Beach in Torrenueva, at 10 AM, walking towards Calahonda. Meet the team on the beach, in front of the car park by the bridge, under the billowing PFSW flags.

Torrenueva is where Plastic Free Seas Worldwide was founded nearly two years ago. The event this Saturday will be a special event for the team and all of our volunteer eco-warriors. We invite all members and volunteers to get together afterwards for refreshments and a toast to our achievements so far!

Plastic is everywhere and a lot of it ends up in the ocean. Most plastics in the ocean break up into very small particles. These small plastic bits are called “microplastics.” Microplastics are small plastic pieces, less than five millimetres long, which can be harmful to our ocean and aquatic life as they pass unchanged through waterways into the ocean. 

PFSW Eco-Warriors

Aquatic life and birds can mistake microplastics for food. Research is being conducted, but there’s still much we don’t know. You can help keep plastic out of the ocean in many ways, but always remember; reduce, reuse, and recycle. Join us this Saturday in Torrenueva to help remove plastics, microplastics, and general waste from this stunning habitat.

Certificates will be awarded to all children who attend along with a prize for “The Find of the Day”. In addition, 100% recycled and organic Plastic Free Seas Worldwide t-shirts and bracelets will also be available for purchase.

Please join us and help make a difference! For anyone who hasn’t done a beach clean before.. we lovingly DARE you to participate. Bring the family, bring the dogs, and feel great contributing to the anti-plastics movement.

Search Plastic Free Seas Worldwide or your favourite Spectrum FM page for full details. 

Plastic Hunting Event

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To learn more about how to live your life plastic free, see our link below.

100 Steps to a Plastic Free Life

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