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As we all know, plastics are ruining our oceans, rivers, and wildlife worldwide. Spectrum FM are officially launching our campaign Pick Up 3, Keep Our Oceans Plastic Free.

Living on the Costa del Sol, we can all take a walk along the beautiful sands and collect just 3 pieces of plastic alone, or with family and friends, with ease. We at Spectrum FM want to take this a stage further. We are planning, in the very near future, a group collective pick up of plastics from the Costa del Sol beaches, but we need your help.

We all have our favourite beaches that we like, though as we all know, some areas are in a greater need of a clean up than others. For example, the beaches in Marbella centre are relatively clean due to regular cleaning, as with other areas that have high tourism.


What is your favourite beach that needs cleaning?

This is where we need your help.

We are looking for a stretch of beach from Estepona to Marbella that you think needs a collective morning clean. If we can get a group together for a few hours, one Saturday or Sunday morning, we can do a massive amount for our local environment.

We are hoping for a fantastic turn out, so if a location is easy to find and has parking close by, this would be a massive advantage. We are planning this educational, Earth friendly, and family fun day out to happen after the Easter period, either the first or second week of April.

There will be Spectrum FM giveaways with a special prize for the most plastic collected on the day. Please send your recommendations through to us and together we can make a difference.

Send your location stating why your favourite beach deserves a morning clean up, even better with pictures included, through to any one of the following:

Post on our Facebook homepage at Spectrum FM Spain

Or send us an email at Spectrum FM

Future beach cleans are planned for other areas along the coast. Get your recommendations in to the Spectrum team before Friday the 9th of March.

Together lets rid our beautiful costas of plastics.

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