Buy2LetCars was established in 2012 along with Wheels4Sure as a unique business model, offering an elegant solution to two problems that emerged from the 2008 banking crisis:

Investors struggle to find a place to invest their money in order to attract a reasonable return. Traditional routes such as ISAs, fixed bonds or deposit accounts no longer produced sufficient results and the buy to let property market became unpredictable and sometimes extremely lengthy and complicated.Many individuals now find it harder than ever before to borrow money and build and maintain credit lines meaning that funding for larger purchases, such as a new car, are either unavailable to them or leveraged with astronomical interest rates making them unaffordable.

Buy2LetCars bridges that gap in the market and provides investors with a way to fund brand new vehicles which our sister company Wheels4Sure then leases out. It means minimal involvement for the investor, but crucially, the returns are between 7% and 11% IRR PA*. For the car driver it means that they can lease a brand new car with a full manufacturer’s warranty, a service plan and breakdown cover for one affordable fixed monthly payment.

Since being founded in 2012 we have not only enabled thousands of people to drive a new car but have consistently delivered returns of between 7% and 11%* IRR PA to every investor. Our founder and CEO Reginald Larry-Cole describes this as ‘compassionate capitalism’.

We operate from offices in West Wickham in Kent and Godstone in Surrey and have seen the companies grow enormously since 2012 with future expansion plans in place for the next three year period.

Our team are all dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the automotive industry and welcome questions on every aspect of our business model.

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