Men Solutions is a group of dedicated medical professionals who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of male sexual dysfunctions.

Over the last decade or so our Medical team has worked hard at treating the causes of unsatisfactory sexual life and the effects on their partners and every days activities.

Age and lack of sexual practices are no longer valid excuses to leave sexual dysfunctions untreated; on the contrary, the benefits are many; physical, emotional and physiological.

In a nutshell, our Andrologists will take care of you and your partner in a holistic way. Through a thorough medical history we will assess the effects of other pathologies, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. and their connection with your sexual concerns. Once the causes are established we will recommend the best treatment for your condition.



Sexual dysfunctions are treated in accordance to a medical protocol taking into account the patient’s age, medical history, life style and personal circumstances.

We offer a comprehensive range of medical treatments for:

  • ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION commonly known as impotence:  

Oral medications, intra cavernous treatment, and the revolutionary, shockwave treatment can successfully treat this condition familiar to some 40% of the male population. Some extreme cases may require surgery or penile prosthesis implants.


  • PREMATURE EJACULATION also known as uncontrollable ejaculation: 

Our success rate of definitive cure is of 95%, this result can be reached in a short period of time, and it requires the patient’s full involvement in the implementation of exercises and techniques combined with a pharmacological treatment.


  • LACK OF DESIRE, popularly refer to as Andropause

Syndrome of testosterone deficiency:  

With age males and females experiment a range of hormonal changes, some of these changes have a direct effect on their sexual drive. The decreased production of testosterone affects both sexes, is particularly notable on males over 50 years, although age is no the only cause to experience a reduced libido, other factors have to be considered such as inactive life style, poor health and some medications. In Men Solutions we will study each case in depth and prescribe the appropriate treatment with excellent results and in a very short time.


  • PEYRONIE, Penis curvature:

Our star treatment of shock waves can reduce the curvature up to 80% the torsion angle of the penis.  Even if the curvature of the penis has many years of evolution. This treatment is applied directly to the plate (harden surface).

Surgery may be required in extreme cases by implanting hydraulic prosthesis.



Highly qualified Urologists and Surgeons perform all surgical procedures supported by trained staff.  Our clinic and operating theatre are equipped with the latest cutting – edge technology.

We perform green laser prostrate surgery, penile surgery, penile prosthesis placement, phimosis, vasectomies and bladder correction for urine loss in men.


Shockwave treatment of erectile dysfunction

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) is a novel modality that has recently been developed for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Unlike other current treatment options for ED, all of which are palliative in nature, LI-ESWT is unique in that it aims to restore the erectile mechanism in order to enable natural or spontaneous erections

The treatment consists of 5 sessions, once every 15 days or so, each session lasts about 15 minutes and it doesn’t  required any special  preparation, is  totally pain free and most importantly  the patient doesn’t need to take any medication.

After the session the patient can continue whit his normal life, results are seen after two months approximately.


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