Tim Smith / DJ

Tim loves few things more than going for a drive across the coast, finding a new town untouched by tourism and, most importantly some great tapas (patatas bravas being a firm favourite).  After reading a 2003 in-flight magazine article about how bravas sauce differs in each Spanish province, moving over and check it out first-hand seemed the best course of action.  One year later a case was packed – “a rubbish old 80s thing with creaky wheels,” Tim recalls – to start a new life as Spectrum´s Programme Director.   Previously Tim had been a presenter and producer for the UK´s GWR radio network, working at stations across the country.  Spectrum was going through a period of expansion across the south coast at that time and Tim loved being part of that: “every day we made something better… the music, the commercials, the ideas… and every evening we were out having dinner planning how we´d be the biggest and best expat station in Spain…. it took years… research, trying things, talking to our audience, changing things a bit here, a bit there…. Now, here we are in this world of Facebook, Spotify, Apple…. there´s so much choice for music and content but Spectrum´s sounding better than we´d ever even dreamed back then in those early days! That´s gotta be worth a beer!

Tim never really intended having his voice on-air again, feeling quite content with being the chap behind the scenes but as Tim always says, “in radio you do everything and you often just jump in at the last minute” and he soon found himself back behind the mic on Breakfast, afternoon Drive and just last year a love show too, despite being, he insists “probably the least qualified person in the world in that department.”  Tim is a qualified digital multimedia journalist, producer and programmer and has worked for some of the UK´s largest radio groups.  He still can´t get enough of Spain´s laid-back nature:  “people in Spain are just so relaxed and somehow playing chilled-out songs from great artists like Randy Crawford or Sting or whoever every morning seems the right way, maybe the best way to start the daybeats reading the paper, losing your keys and getting stuck in a traffic jam. My show is all about getting you de-stressed before you start work!”  You can hear Tim every morning from 6am on Early Breakfast plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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