Marbella Design Academy, a unique exclusive international design school in Andalusia with tuition in English.


State Recognised and offering

BAvalidated programmes

The Academy is state recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is offering Bachelor of Arts validated programmes in:

Graphic Design & Media

Interior Architecture & Design

Fashion Design & Manufacture

validated and awarded by the University of Bedfordshire.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

On successful completion of their chosen programme and when graduated from

Marbella Design Academy,

the graduates are awarded UK Bachelor of Arts degrees by the University of Bedfordshire.

Graduates then either embark on their own design careers as professional designers. The employment rate is near 100%.

Graduates can also apply for entering a Masters programme at a university of their choice.

Located in Monda – 15km from Marbella

The Academy is located in Monda, where 90% of the students live, only a short walking distance from the Academy.

Design at its Best.

With nearly a quarter of a century of experience, Marbella Design Academy has become an exclusive high level academic design school competing among the very best design institutions worldwide. The students benefit from 80% tuition time and small tutoring groups, quite different to most design schools and universities

who normally only provide 20% tuition time.

Tuition given in a friendly environment

The learning environment is friendly, creative and passionate. Students are taught by highly educated professionals who support the students to reach their full potential as designers through encouraging each of them in their own personal style.

Beautiful environment

The students at Marbella Design Academy enjoy the beautiful, safe and inspiring environment of the Academy, where students of more than 47 different nationalities, share and explore their passion for design.


BA validated programmes

Marbella Design Academy welcomes new students to the 3-year BA validated programmes.

twice per year, with intakes in January and September,

Foundation course – 3 months

For applicants that do not fulfil the entrance requirements of having a High School Diploma or similar to enter the Bachelor of Arts validated programmes, the Academy offers an intensive 3 months Foundation Course.

Satisfactory completion of this course qualifies students to continue onto one of the BA validated programmes.

The Foundation Course starts in both June and September. 

Various Summer Courses

Marbella Design Academy also offers a variety of interesting Summer Courses for adults (above 17 years of age). The 2 to 5 weeks Summer Courses are offered during July and August every year.

More Information.

For more information about Marbella Design Academy and it´s programmes we recommend you to visit the very informative website of the Academy:

Phone: 952 45 70 90,

Marbella Design Academy welcomes all visitors.

You can book a visit online:


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