Welcome to Fortnightly Mental Health Podcasts delivered by Spectrum Radio Caring and Sharing 

Hosted by Matt Jones Presenter and Christine Widdowson Family Practitioner 

Master Healer Coach

Family Mediator

Dr Door Opener 

Opening the Door to Mental Health

The purpose of these podcasts is to motivate people in these uncertain times, to understand what is happening to their own mental health and what they can do to keep healthy and strong minded. The podcasts will have a wide range of subjects, the aim is to help people feel informed, cared and supported.

Christine’s calling and passion has led her particularly through Covid 19 to work with Spectrum Radio to Open the Doors to illness and Mental Health to

create a community of support.

Christine is an Expert with her enormous amount of professional experience and an Expert with her own life experiences and is now the successor to personal change.  

She came to Spain to rest and reset and as the result of the Covidn19 she started helping people to cope with anxiety and ill health. 

In her own words “I had to open many doors to set myself free and continue to open doors that are thrown at me with current challenges.  I have evolved and still are and want to help others too. Everyone is just doing the best on any given day. I have found peace, joy and calm” My commitment and connection to my higher self – Changes Everything for Ever”

Christine Widdowson has been looking after children and adults for 20 years in the UK London Borough, who are suffering from, illness and mental health, sexual abuse children and adults, domestic violence, suicide, sleep deprivation, chronic disease, trauma, grief, anxiety fear and depression and pain. Parenting and relationship difficulties. Separation and Divorce issues. Children on the Spectrum; ADHD/Autism. 

She has all round approach to wellbeing coaching and healing that she blends into all her treatments and teachings.

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