LUZ CASAL – Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, April 30

Teatro Cervantes [Málaga]

Event info
Date: April 30, 2018
Time: 20:00
Location: Teatro Cervantes
Address: Calle Ramos Marín, S/N Málaga

LUZ CASAL – Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, April 30

Luz Casal returns to Málaga with a brand new album.  The last few years have been a vertiginous succession of recognitions for Luz Casal. a Rolling Stone Award for a lifetime dedicated to rock, a Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, the Medal of Arts in France, the National Prize for Contemporary Music, a Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, a Goya, and Ondas.  Her musical attitude has always been characterised by a determined and probably insatiable search that has led her to venture into projects as diverse as her interpretative capacity allows.  Now the singer, one of Spain’s most emblematic, charismatic and influential singers, presents a new album with previously unpublished material; songs that speak of feelings, of searching for the essence.  Of her latest album, Que corra el aire, which has taken four years of hard work and effort for a result that she feels completely satisfied with, says, “I can say it’s my best album.”

She will be accompanied on stage by the musicians:

Tino Di Geraldo on drums, Jorge F. Ojea on guitar, Borja Montenegro on guitar, Peter Oteo on bass and Josep Mª Baldomà on keyboards.

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