Anger? We are being tested.  Managing feelings and anger during coronavirus lockdown.  Many people are finding that they are dealing with more anger than usual as a result of Covid 19. 

We usually feel angry in response to something, to a certain situation or a thought that we are having. It is a signal something is not right?

Is it Normal? Yes?  But we are being challenge more than usual The Coronavirus pandemic with its extreme disruption of normal daily life and uncertainty for the future, compounded by crises, economic distress, health, social unrest, puts all under the test.  We can find ourselves immersed in a pool of negative emotions, feelings of fear, sadness, contempt and yes anger

 Yes, Feeling angry is very normal, everyone feels angry from time to time. Feeling angry is not a bad thing; it is a signal that something is not ok with us. How we choose to handle our feeling of anger is the most important thing. But how do we manage it in these times

What can we do about it?

There are useful ways to handle our feelings of anger that can lead to positive outcomes. There are also less useful ways of handling feelings of anger that can cause difficulties for yourself and other people.  We can use the energy to motivate us to fix what is broken in ourselves as we cannot fix the outside world.  

Everyone needs to learn how to manage anger effectively

Managing our anger requires practice 

We cannot solve the problem with the same mind/thoughts

Having great tools to look after yourself and your loved one is essential in these times, responding rationally.


  • Become more self-aware; Looking at Assertive, Passive and Aggressive Communication (there is a separate article)
  • Fight or Flight – Understand what is happening to your body
  • Can you think and make rational decisions and actions?
  • Learn what are your triggers. Learn new techniques and practise how to stay calm.
  • Do you really want to be angry and ruin relationships and/or cause yourself more stress?

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In her own words “I had to open many doors to set myself free and continue to open doors that are thrown at me with current challenges.  I have evolved and still are and want to help others too

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